Real Power [28 Jul 2003|11:06pm]

I must say that today has been /quite/ a day. And I think even that is a severe understatement. Let's see...Where to begin?

My day started early as usual, a budget planning conference in the morning followed by a catered business lunch. I got out around one and headed to my office to catch up on the morning's paperwork and to record the events of the meeting. Boring you say, right? Well here's where it starts to get unusual.

Amiki, my secretary, didn't answer when I buzzed her *several* times to bring me my phone messages. I was beginning to get flustered and went to have a /chat/ with the girl(fire her). Well, she wasn't at her desk. Now, I've had unreliable employees, and they do not last long at ShinRa. Amiki has been with the company for 7 years and has never skipped out on work or left her desk during business hours without notifying me and having a damned good reason. Let's just say I'm beyond annoyed at this point and ready to take off some heads. I stormed down the hallway until I came to this floor's main room and demanded to know where the fuck my secretary had gone.

At this point I realize I'm shouting at about 4 people instead of the 25 or 30 that should be out here. "And where the bloody hell is everyone?!" With an exasperated sigh, I turned to go back to my office and sort this out, when some brave errand boy risked my wrath and spoke up. "Excuse me, Mr. ShinRa...sir. Everyone was called down to the 15th floor. They found your secretary dead in the parking deck this morning. There were orders not to interrupt your meetings." My eyes went pretty wide at that and I said something along the lines of 'WHAAAAT?!', but it included more profanity than that.

Now I was royally pissed. I was not to be interrupted EXCEPT in case of emergency. And I think the murder of my god damn secretary counts! Not that I really care that much, but do you know how hard it is to replace a good secretary? I'll have to interview and everything. How incredibly annoying. My thoughts were along those lines as I sat down heavily at my desk and prepared to find whoever was responsible for the upset of my afternoon routine.

I was picking up my phone, when I abruptly put it down again. I'd heard a click from the general direction of my office door. Yes, I know that sounds a bit paranoid, but I can't see the door from my desk because of the corner of a wall, and well, when your secretary was just killed in a parking deck AND you work for a company like ShinRa Inc. that has assassins on payroll, we'll see how paranoid you are! Well, I relaxed a bit as my brain registered the fact that there are very few people that had access to my rooms. And only one of them ever came in without announcing himself first.

I ran my hand back through my hair and called to my bodyguard. "Tseng! Have you heard about this outrage?! Where have you been? I would have expected that--"
I was stopped mid sentence as a man, who was /definitely/ not Tseng, stepped around the corner with a gun aimed level at my head. I recovered quickly from the surprise, and took control of the situation by trying to stay calm. Most people were terrified of me anyway, I could play off that.

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my office?" I asked maybe a bit too coolly. I noticed the man was shaking violently.
"Shut up! Shut up or I swear to god I'll shoot you." The man seemed to gain confidence slightly as he spoke, and he waved his gun in a gesture for me to move out from behind the desk. Like hell I would! I tossed my hair casually and glared. "Look fucker, you put that thing away now and get out of my office," I moved slowly for my phone. I took the risk of assuming he was a ShinRa employee and went out on a limb. "You'll never work for ShinRa or /anyone/ again, but that's going to be the very least of your worries when my security gets through with you!"

His face twisted in silent rage and he pulled the trigger. I froze as a bullet flew past my head and left quite a hole in the window behind me. Good thing its shatter proof. "You already fired me you arrogant little bastard! Or have you already forgotten your 'cuts' last week?" He took a step forward and I stepped out from behind the desk, but not before sliding the tiny pistol out from the compartment underneath it. "Of course you don't remember! Why should you? Sitting up here in your little office, destroying the lives of your employees! Why should you care?!" Thanks to his passionate little speech, he hadn't noticed me retrieving the gun.

He moved closer, his gun now inches from my face. I straightened and closed my eyes tight. He kept talking. "Scared pretty boy? It is such a shame to get blood all over that neat white suit, but..." He cocked his gun. I took a deep breath and pulled the trigger of the tiny pistol at the same exact moment 3 Turks and half of ShinRa security burst into the room. Tseng was first, and fired several rounds into the man's back. The man slumped to the ground in front of me, blood on my white suit after all.

I blinked and my legs gave out. Before I could hit the floor, two strong arms caught me from behind and moved me to my chair. Tseng and the bald Turk with the sunglasses kneeled down in front of me. The bald one(Rude was it?) opened my jacket and examined the blood. "None of it's his." He told Tseng as he got up. Security had already removed the body from my floor. I was still in shock, and didn't answer Tsengs string of questions. He paused, and brushed my bangs out of my face with the back of his hand. The gesture took me utterly by surprise and I shivered. "You alright Rufus-sama?" I'd never heard his voice so soft. "We got him." I nodded.

But that was wrong. /I'd/ gotten him. I had seen his face before Tseng's bullets hit his back. He was dead. I had killed him. I told Tseng that later on. I'd had a shower and was sitting on the white sofa in my apartments. I'd never killed anyone before. Not many people know that though. Not with the rumors that fly around here. Ask most of my employees, and they can give you a whole list of people I'd murdered just for delivering my coffee cold, or something trivial like that. Tseng looked at me for a long time. I was starting to get nervous under his stare, when he spoke. "We're gonna have to teach you to shoot one of those things properly."

I almost laughed. "You were lucky you were so close Rufus-sama. If he'd been across the room, you might not have hit him." I wanted to be insulted, but it was only truth. I'd never really learned to shoot. No need to really, or so I'd thought. Not when I had legions of bodyguards, right? "I think something long range would suit you," He continued. "A shotgun perhaps?"

Later I found out that the man had entered my rooms when I'd stormed out. I'd left my office door wide open. How'd he even get onto the floor? He'd stolen Amiki's keycard when he'd strangled her in the parking deck as she got out of her car. Tseng and the rest of security had been so busy downstairs searching the building and looking for clues, they'd thought me secure in the meeting rooms, and no one remembered to send up a guard to my office. Of course when they heard the first gunshot...Well, we know what happened from there. The funny thing is that Tseng thinks I'm in shock over taking a life. He keeps going on about how It wasn't my fault, I was attacked, self-defense, whatever. The truth is that I am in shock, but not because I feel any guilt for shooting that guy.

It felt wonderful.

The /POWER/ I had in that split second I pulled the trigger. He'd looked at me at the very moment life was drained from his body and I was god. Mine was the last face he would ever see. I held his life in my hands, and I crushed it out, just like that. That is real power.

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The 55th floor break room [21 Jul 2003|12:10pm]

Wow, I've had this journal over a month and haven't gotten tired of it yet. (Even though I've only written 5 entries, It's still a record for me, considering I never write things down.)

Bored. I'm on my luchbreak. My secretary Is late bringing me my lunch, which is odd, since she's usually rather punctual. Oh well, gives me time to write I guess.

Tseng actually invited me to the 55th floor employee lounge for coffee yesterday, Not that I have to be invited really, I mean, I can go anywhere I want after all, but its kinda the unofficial Turk hangout. I was actually pretty nervous going there, (Not that I let it show! I'd die first! My usual bored expression worked nicely) I don't know why. Tseng has been my bodyguard for two years now and he's never introduced me to any of the other Turks. Not that I couldn't have looked them up if I cared enough, but I didn't. This was where Tseng was when he was off-duty. A Tseng that I've never seen comes here and I felt almost honored to be shown a little bit of that part of him.

When we first walked in, everyone dropped what they were doing and immediately stood up to greet me. Before I could start to say anything, he told them to relax, he'd just brought me to hang out and have a cup of coffee. Everyone knows that one does not just bring their boss to 'hang out'. I could understand why they were nervous, and usually I enjoy the look of fear that I get from employees. Again for some odd reason I wanted them to feel comfortable around me. I wanted to see them the way Tseng does when he's here alone. Laughing, telling obscene jokes, and whatever else it is that Turks do when they're off-duty and they don't see me passing by in the hall.

We sat down on the couches, coffee in hand, and Tseng made an obvious effort to end the uncomfortable silence. Nobody dared speak, let alone look me in the face. "Of course you all know Rufus-sama," he said to them. Then turning to me,"would you like me to introduce everyone, sir?"

"Yes, go ahead." I hadn't dropped my smug and slightly uninterested expression. Tseng began with the tall bald man wearing sunglasses to my right. Rude, I think he said. Not even close to being beautiful like Tseng, but not ugly I guess, If you like the Mr. Clean type. The man across from him with the short dark blonde hair and close-cut beard was James. Not on Tseng's team. There was also a woman of about 40, Kirin. She was retiring soon but had to train her replacement first. I listened to Tseng go on for a few minutes, he obviously is very proud of his fellow Turks. I found myself just watching his face as he went on about missions and things. After a few minutes, the group lightened up some and began to jump in to correct parts of his story. "That's so not how it happened!" "You forgot the part about how Rude was drunk off his ass!" "That's when I happened to walk in!"

I was so fascinated by the little glimpse of a world I would never know, that I completely lost track of time. It was all too soon that Tseng stretched and patted me on the knee. "Well Rufus-sama, we'd better get you back before the entire building shuts down to look for you." I smiled politely and said goodbye to James, Kirin, and Rude.

On the way up in the elevator Tseng asked me what I thought about spending some time in an employee break room. I told him that I had a lot of fun and was glad he introduced me to his friends. He smiled. I know that the other Turks probably still don't like me very much, I am still their boss and the Vice-Pres who lives in his daddy's shadow and is gets respect only because he signs the paychecks. But I feel like I have made much more of a connection with them just by showing them that I'm a real person and can sit down and laugh over a cup of coffee than my father ever could have, and because of that I know I will have their loyalty. I have a feeling that's going to mean a lot in the future.

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One of the perks of the job [19 Jul 2003|10:14am]

A memo from the old man just came down from the main office. Due to budget cuts, I've gotta 'downsize' one of the departments I'm over. That means its time to start handing out pink slips. I really shouldn't look forward to this like I do, should I? Heh.

It's true, I like firing people. Makes me feel the power of my position. Makes them feel the power of my position! Letting go a few of the pencil pushing underlings in the lower offices makes it known that they're dispensable. A click of my mouse and their name and paycheck are kaput. Keeps the others inline, knowing that if they slack off they're history.

Tseng would definitely frown on the joy I get out of this. He tends to lecture me on this sort of thing, about how every employee in the ShinRa system is a crucial part of the ShinRa machine, blahblahblah. It's not like I don't get where he's coming from, I understand his reasons for thinking that way, I just personally don't agree. The guys in the mailroom are replaceable. SOLDIERs are a dime-a -dozen. Get rid of one, and there's two more waiting to take their place and those two are even more willing to work than the first, feeling special for taking someone else's place. It's simple really, how things like that work. I am so underestimated around here. If the old man knew how to put to use half of my ideas...Well, lets just say that when /I'm/ running this place, things are going to go a lot smoother. It's me that'll be the 'oil' in the ShinRa machine.

Hmm, now for the good part. Who to get rid of first?

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Raining in Midgar [13 Jul 2003|11:51pm]

It looks strange when it rains in Midgar at night. The usual soft green glow of the city against the night sky is replaced with an odd thick grayish green. The cloudcover bounces the neon mako green back down, illuminating the city even brighter than on a normal night, and with the rain falling heavily in sheets, it looks...odd. Like the rain is visibly cutting through the air. I love to watch it from here. The big window in my office, the lights turned out. I've been watching late night thunderstorms from this building since before I can remember. When she was still alive. I think that's why I still do it now. Most things like this wouldn't hold my attention for very long. It gets still and quiet and I can't stand it. But not tonight. The sound of the rain is soothing. It's been a really stressful day, as most are around here, really. I wish she was here. Just to sit with me and watch the rain come down. She wouldn't say anything, just run her hands through my hair and gaze out over the familiar view of the city from the 69th floor window.

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*yawn* [03 Jul 2003|05:15am]

I hate meeting days. I don't see why we have to have meetings so damn early. Why can't we reschedule to the afternoon? I /know/ the old man isn't as booked as he pretends. Today's meeting is some presentation on the long term effects of Mako on SOLDIER. We've been using Mako for years, long term effects, psh! Why do we care what happens to retired SOLDIERs? If they're no longer ShinRa employees, its no longer our fucking concern. A waste of research money if you ask me.

Gods its early, I need coffee. Buzzed my secretary.

Really not looking forward to this meeting. 2 hours of pretending to pay attention is not my favorite way to spend the morning. Also Scarlet will probably be there and last time she kept running her foot up my leg under the table. Ugh. I tried to kick her and ended up getting Heidigger in the shin. Of course the moron made a big scene and interrupted the meeting with "Owch!! Who kicked me?!" blahblahblah. I /hate/ that guy. Him and his stupid horse laugh. I must make a point to hire competent employees when I'm president!

Ah, my coffee is here. I've gotta go fix my hair again before the meeting.

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Name: Rufus Alexander ShinRa
Date Of Birth: April 14
Sign: Aeris
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Height: 5'10"
Location: Midgar
Occupation: Vice-President of ShinRa Corp.
Weapon: Shotgun

Food: Sushi
Beverage: White wine
Color: White, gray
Musician: Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach
Game: Chess, racquetball

I don't really have much time for hobbies. When I do, reading, drawing, playing violin, tourturing Heidigger, walking Dark Nation.

ShinRa Corp., ruling the world, making money, spending money, attending social events,

Greetings. I'm Rufus ShinRa, Vice-President of the ShinRa Electric Company. We convert energy from the planet into usable electric power. But I'm sure you knew that already. I'm going to be president one day and turn this company around! Just wait...

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