Rufus ShinRa (shinra_rufus) wrote,
Rufus ShinRa

I'm back. Commence Rejoicing.

Just arrived back in town. The rest of my vacation was nice. Nothing incredibly fascinating to tell about. After the soiree at William's, I found myself invited to functions almost every night for the rest of the month! I apparently made quite the impression! Its nice to be popular, but now I recall why I'd let the Junon social scene slip. Too much commitment and fuss. Of course I can't accept all invitations, therefore its very crucial to know which to accept and which to graciously decline. It would be social suicide to miss an 'event of the season' or to show up at a party that none of the higher-ups came to. Such stress! I'm glad my new secretary is fairly good at this sort of thing.

Doesn't look like I missed much here. Business as usual. I am being required to read over the transcripts of all the board meetings I missed though. Annoying, but mostly budget stuff, so it won't take long. Something seems to have gone down with the Turks while I was away. I haven't seen Tseng since I've been back, and no one's turned in the official report yet. Rumor is that one of the Turk divisions made some sort of miscalculation resulting in a failed mission and several fatalities. All in their line of work though, right? I mean, you really can't expect to live that long if you've chosen hired assassin as your profession. Whatever.
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