Shooting Lesson #1 [04 Sep 2003|09:51pm]

Today I had my first shooting lesson. I was oh so pleasently awakened at holyfuck in the morning by someone banging on my door. I dragged myself out of bed and pulled on my robe, needless to say I was ready to murder whoever was at my door. Sliding the door open, I prepared to kill the person on the other side. I know the look on my face would've had almost every employee in this building shitting their pants. However, I was greeted by a surprisingly cheerful Turk in jeans and a tight black t-shirt. I blinked a few times and ran my hand back through my sleep-mussed hair(lucky I look damn good with a bed head!). It took a second to register that the smirking guy in front of me was Tseng. I don't think I've ever seen him in anything but a blue suit. His hair was tied back in a sleek ponytail and he was holding two large boxes. This couldn't be good.

"Morning Rufus-sama." he said. How dare he greet me so normally dressed like that? And at this hour!
I think I responded with some sort of angry "Mmmph!" and padded back over to my bed, flopping back into the white comforter face down.
Tseng plopped a box down beside my head. "Here. I brought you something. Put it on."
I turned my head slightly to glance suspiciously at the box. "Get the fuck out and let me sleep." I groaned.
Tseng politely ignored my demand and pulled me up by the shoulders. I was too tired to do anything but glare unhappily at him. Man, he was so going to regret this in a few hours.
"Get up /now/ Rufus. You've got a shooting lesson this morning." He was using his 'Turk' tone now, the one that lets you know he means business and is not to be fucked with.
I sighed dramatically and rolled off the bed. Prying the lid of the box, I made a face at the contents I found there. A pair of blue jeans, a plain gray t-shirt, and a crimson sweatshirt. He had to be kidding me.
"What is this?" I asked, not really expecting an answer, but damned if I wasn't going to cause a fuss! Wear this outfit in public?! No.
"Clothes, Rufus-sama." Tseng said as if he were talking to a complete idiot.
I narrowed my eyes, snatched up the clothes, and stomped off into the bathroom.

Three hours later found me standing in a field between Midgar and some Chocobo farm. Tseng was standing a few feet ahead of me, explaining for the 10th time how to load a shotgun. I'm sure I would've gotten it the first time if my mind didn't keep drifting. I think its pretty obvious that I don't get out like this much, and I was positively enthralled by the swish of the grass and the clear sky. It was almost hard to breath in /fresh/ air!
"Rufus! Would you please pay attention?! I'm not going to go over this again!" Tseng was glaring at me, but the stare didn't have its full effect out here.
"I got it, I got it." I said, trying to listen. He thrust the massive gun into my hands and pulled out his own pistol. A couple of ShinRa employees had accompanied us out here, and were setting up the targets several yards away.
"Ready Rufus? I'm sure you have the basic idea, just aim and pull the trigger. Be careful of the kickback." Tseng reached around me and positioned the shotgun against my shoulder. Now that I was fully awake, I was able to take in his profile with his hair pulled back. Enchanting.


I was on the ground holding my shoulder, and Tseng was standing over me shaking his head. "Damn it Rufus, you didn't aim! PAY ATTENTION!"
I grinned smugly and pulled myself up. Damn, my shoulder was going to bruise.
This time Tseng kept his arms around me and placed his hand over mine. "Ready?" I nodded.
He squeezed the trigger with my finger under his. *BANG* I flinched. "See?" he said. I looked up and there was a big hole through the paper target. "Can you do it alone?"
I scoffed and flipped my hair. "Alright then, do it!" Tseng stepped back and crossed his arms. I narrowed my eyes in concentration and aimed carefully. Brace for kickback, and pull! *BANG*
I'd missed the target, but I was on my feet. Go me. Tseng nodded. I took this as 'try again'.
Concentrate, aim...pull! *BANG*
I hit it! I dropped the gun and whirled around smiling. "I HIT IT!!"
"Good job. Again." *sigh* A little enthusiasm was obviously too much to ask for.

By the time the sun was starting to go down, I was sore, sweaty and had bug bites. *shudder* But, I could hit the target every time now, and had even hit the bullseye once or twice. I did better with Tseng's hand gun, but he insists that the shotgun is a better weapon for me in the long run. Next time we're going to the ShinRa indoor range back at the tower. Good. No bugs there.

Tseng followed me back to my rooms, the first thing on my agenda was shower. I was going to be royally pissed if I'd sunburned. When I emerged from the bathroom, I was set on making Tseng listen to my rant on blue jeans, but I stopped short upon finding him asleep in a chair. I almost laughed out loud at the sheer absurdity of it, but I didn't want to wake him. Tseng looks so peaceful when he's sleeping. I'd never seen him relaxed before. His head resting on his arm, ponytail trailing over the back of the chair, eyes fluttering slightly under his eyelids. I slipped back into the bedroom, pulled on some clothes and ran a comb through my hair. Creeping back into the main room, I crouched down beside the chair and curiously watched Tseng sleep. Such smooth skin, much darker than mine. It was difficult to suppress the urge to run my thumb along the curve of his long eyelashes. Caught in the moment, the late afternoon sun falling on his black hair, I reached out to touch his face. Before my fingers could graze his cheek, his eyes shot open and he caught me by the wrist. I fell back in surprise and he sat up, still holding my arm.

"I...You were asleep." Great observation there, Rufus. *rolls eyes*
Tseng seemed to realize where he was and quickly released my wrist as if scalded.
"Good start today, Rufus-sama. We'll continue lessons as time permits." He stood and headed towards the door.
I was still on the floor, unsure of what had just happened. "Tseng!" I called out as he was stepping out the door. He turned and paused, waiting for me to continue. At this point I realized I had nothing to say, and felt dumb for calling to him. Fuck, why was I blushing? "Um...thanks for the lesson."
He nodded and the door slid shut behind him.

Well, that was my fabulous day. Interesting, ne? At least I got to get out of work for the day. However, I'm not sure getting bitten by insects was worth it. I /HATE/ nature.

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Inconvenient. [29 Aug 2003|07:50am]

I didn't see Tseng until yesterday. Some Turk screwed up calculating the timing for a bust they were doing in Sector 4 and ended up getting four of them killed. Casualties included Kirin and James, whom I'd been introduced to by Tseng. That's the gist of the report that was turned in to me anyway. Apparently Tseng's pretty torn up about it. Well, I guess torn up by Tseng standards isn't exactly what one would think of. He refuses to discuss it and has been even shorter with everyone than usual(who'd have thought /that/ was possible?). I think he blames himself for not rechecking the plans, or something equally as dumb. Why should he have? It wasn't even his unit's mission.

Tseng knows that being a Turk means you're going to change partners as quickly as your underwear. They have no fear of death and risk their lives every time they step out their doors in the morning. I've already ordered that the Turk trainees be prepared to move up. Tseng will have to spend the next few weeks training them. Inconvenient. Things just run so much more smoothly when Tseng's around. His substitutes are always so...common. Generic Turk #12(or so i've mentally labeled him, no point in bothering to learn his name) is still sitting in the corner of my office picking lent off his suit pants. Uch. At least Tseng knows how to care for a suit!

Anyway, I'm about to have to start the annual check of the Mako reactors. I don't see the point in this, if we didn't see any problems or signs of decline last year, why should there be now? It would make a lot more sense to check them every 3 years or so. Oh well, it must be done. That means though that I will have to sacrifice most of my precious time in the next few weeks reviewing blue prints, reports, and computer data to make sure the reactors aren't going to break down anytime soon. It's pointless though really, because even if they were about to /explode/ the old man wouldn't spare the extra cash to patch them up. He just wants the papers stamped saying that they've been inspected to cover his own ass.

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I'm back. Commence Rejoicing. [23 Aug 2003|11:43pm]

Just arrived back in town. The rest of my vacation was nice. Nothing incredibly fascinating to tell about. After the soiree at William's, I found myself invited to functions almost every night for the rest of the month! I apparently made quite the impression! Its nice to be popular, but now I recall why I'd let the Junon social scene slip. Too much commitment and fuss. Of course I can't accept all invitations, therefore its very crucial to know which to accept and which to graciously decline. It would be social suicide to miss an 'event of the season' or to show up at a party that none of the higher-ups came to. Such stress! I'm glad my new secretary is fairly good at this sort of thing.

Doesn't look like I missed much here. Business as usual. I am being required to read over the transcripts of all the board meetings I missed though. Annoying, but mostly budget stuff, so it won't take long. Something seems to have gone down with the Turks while I was away. I haven't seen Tseng since I've been back, and no one's turned in the official report yet. Rumor is that one of the Turk divisions made some sort of miscalculation resulting in a failed mission and several fatalities. All in their line of work though, right? I mean, you really can't expect to live that long if you've chosen hired assassin as your profession. Whatever.

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Vacation Update [10 Aug 2003|01:54pm]

Greetings. I'm writing from my laptop in Junon. I just finished the last round of inspections at the naval base and gave a speech to the new recruits. It was quite rousing, if I do say so myself.

Vacation has been rather uneventful so far. I finished the novel I was reading and caught up on some paperwork. One of my old school acquaintances, William Vanderbleek, dropped by yesterday. Its beyond me how he found out I was here, but it was nice to see him non the less. Tseng was called back to Midgar, some important business. His replacement arrived this morning. Horribly boring fellow, coiled way too tight if you ask me. Why are they all so high strung? Tseng may have the proverbial 'stick up his ass' but at least he can carry on an intelligent conversation. *sigh*

Will invited me to an end of summer gala at his house tonight. I've been out of the Junon circle way too long. I haven't really done social gatherings the last few times i've been in town. It will be nice to reacquaint myself with Junon's social elite. You never know when such connections will come in handy!

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Leaving for Junon [30 Jul 2003|07:11am]

Leaving for Junon this afternoon. Last chance for vacation before summer ends. I traveled a bit earlier in the season, stayed at the beach house in Costa del Sol, but summer isn't summer without a week spent at the Junon house. I pretty much grew up there, you know. After she died, we moved out of ShinRa Mansion and I was sent away to boarding school in Junon. When I was fifteen I left the school and was taught by private tutors at the Junon house for a year. After that the old man sent for me and I've been spending most of the year in Midgar since then. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, Leaving for Junon.

I'll do a walkthrough of the naval base while I'm there, just a routine inspection, not much required on my part. Probably spend most of my time on the beach. Junon beaches aren't nearly as nice as Costa del Sol, I prefer the tropical atmosphere, and Junon is so rocky. It is still the beach though, and its always nice to see blue sky. None of that in Midgar.

I must go finish packing now. Lots of things to do before I leave. I should return some time in August. Ciao!

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Name: Rufus Alexander ShinRa
Date Of Birth: April 14
Sign: Aeris
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Height: 5'10"
Location: Midgar
Occupation: Vice-President of ShinRa Corp.
Weapon: Shotgun

Food: Sushi
Beverage: White wine
Color: White, gray
Musician: Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach
Game: Chess, racquetball

I don't really have much time for hobbies. When I do, reading, drawing, playing violin, tourturing Heidigger, walking Dark Nation.

ShinRa Corp., ruling the world, making money, spending money, attending social events,

Greetings. I'm Rufus ShinRa, Vice-President of the ShinRa Electric Company. We convert energy from the planet into usable electric power. But I'm sure you knew that already. I'm going to be president one day and turn this company around! Just wait...

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